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The people who make up The Pet Matchmaker are a dedicated group of volunteers who come from all kinds of different backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is their big fat love for animals. They have come together in this labor of love to inspire and celebrate the rescue, foster and adoption of homeless pets everywhere.

Our hope is that, one day, animal shelters will be unnecessary because every abandoned pet will have found a loving home. One less homeless pet, equals one more happy human!


TONY BROWN (Team: Production)
Tony is a Writer/Producer who just loves animals. He graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor with a Doctorate in Political Science. Tony is a practicing SGI Buddhist, a gifted chef and an expert mixologist. That’s right – a gourmet meditator who shakes up a mean cocktail! He lives in Hollywood, CA with his bestest feline friend, rescue cat Binky – a rescue, of course!


NIKKI CARVEY (Team: Features)
Nikki CarveyNikki Carvey trained as a journalist in the UK. She now lives, writes and complains less about the weather, in LA. A dedicated animal advocate but disastrous cook, she shares her home with her flatulent door of perception, Huxley, and various canine rescues passing through…


SCOTT CHALLGREN (Team: Outreach)
Scott is currently a special education teacher, actor and animal rescuer in Texas. He owns and operates Gr8 Scott! Management, a consulting firm and is a proud graduate of Colorado State University with a BA in Speech Communication. He credits his advocate career to Elaine Hendrix who has recruited him for countless volunteer efforts over the past ten years. He is also the guardian to his rescue dogs Pickle, Hank and Oakley. Scott’s favorite quote: “Faith without works is dead.”

(Team: Video)

Leah studied English with a focus on short stories and screenwriting at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. She currently works as a Team Lead with grocery chain Fresh & Easy in Orange County, CA where she lives with her rescued Yorkie mutt Bailey. She one day hopes to win the Lottery so she can travel, buy a house and new car and rescue as many dogs as she can.



JENN GREENWALDT (Team: Graphics)
Jenn is an actress, singer and Freelance Graphic Artist with a BFA in Digital Design and an Associates Degree in Business Administration. She currently lives in Rapid City, SD with her beloved cat, Tabytha, and one fish, Norman Betta.  (So far, Norman and Tabytha get along just great!) Jenn likes to quote Betty White – “If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.”

(Team: Matchmaker)
Elaine square photoElaine Hendrix is an award-winning actress and animal advocate who, in addition to her 100+ acting credits, has a full-time second career rescuing, adopting, volunteering, lobbying, protesting, speaking, writing, building habitats and more, all on behalf of animals, everywhere. She is from East Tennessee and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her rescue dogs, canines: Rossmore and Ellie and felines: Kimbo and Goodie Cornbread.

 (Team: Experts)
Heidi is the Director of the VIP Program at Los Angeles International Airport. She graduated from Chapman College with a BA in Communications. Heidi loves to play kickball; her favorite color is black and she’s addicted to the Vampire Diaries. She’s been rescuing animals since she was 6 years old.  Now, she lives happily outnumbered in North Hollywood, CA with her menagerie of rescue dogs and cats: canines Chowsie, Dinky and Blitz, and felines Sparkles and Smokie.


KRIS KNAUS (Team: Social Networking)
Kristine grew up on a ranch in Tehachapi, California. Farm life taught her the value of hard work as well as compassion. Currently, she is Executive Assistant to Elaine Hendrix and Kristin Bauer van Straten, Social Media Director for Blueyed Pictures and Talent Wrangler/Social Media Director for What A Pair.org.  Oh – and she’s still working the ranch! She splits her time between city and country and loves every moment with her canine pack, Missy Mae, Miley, Boo, Romeo and newest addition Roxy.


PATRICIA JONES (Team: Public Relations)
Patricia Jones is founder of PawsPR.com, a PR agency specializing in the pet service industries and animal welfare organizations. Patricia shares her NYC home with 2 rescued kitties: Lizzie B. and Bartley, a rescued hamster named Monty & Betta fish named Fred.



NORA LYNCH (Team: Content)
Nora Lynch is a freelance writer, producer and standup comedian, as well as a certified holistic nutrition coach. (Yeah, it’s kind of a weird combo.) This is her first foray into editing a website and she’s super excited about the opportunity to be a part of something so special. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband, comedian Phil Palisoul and their two rescue dogs, Ursa, a German Shepherd Dog, Pascal, a Standard Poodle and Darla, a feral kitten rescue. 

 (Team: Research)
GEORGETTE MADAK (Team: Administration)
GERIE MADAK (Team: Customer Service)
The Madak sisters are identical triplets – a very rare occurrence, indeed. How rare? Well, 1 in 6000 births in the U.S. are triplets and 1 in 1000 of those are identical.  That’s rare!  The Madaks are all retired and live in Bridgewater, NJ. Gail was Head of Adult Services at Mary Jacobs Library.  She graduated from Rutgers University with a Masters of Library Science.  A former Family & Consumer Science High School Teacher, Georgette graduated from Douglass College and Rutgers University with a Bachelors of Science degree. Gerie was an Adult Programs Coordinator at Bridgewater Library.  She graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science degree. They all love to get cozy with their beloved animals: canines Jesse, Juliette and Faith, and feline Midge, (rescues, all – natch!)


EMILY McKINNEY (Team: Business Strategy)
Emily is a production assistant at The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Los Angeles, who earned her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago. From Wisconsin, she really does love cheese – also cooking shows (though she doesn’t actually cook.) Emily’s hobbies include playing tennis and piano (never at the same time). Emily is one of three parents of a Tuxedo cat named Kevin who lives back in Chicago.


BREE MOON (Team: Marketing)
Bree is the Creative Director for KatMoJam, and an industrial photographer based in NYC. She has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals of all shapes and sizes her entire life, and currently shares her life with her rescued pet: Cleo the Doberman; Hendrix (aka her sidekick of terrorizing cuteness), the Husky/German Shepherd/Husky mix and her amazing quarter horse, Liza with a ‘Z’.


JULIE SPOONAMORE (Team: Advertising)
Julie has over 18 years experience in marketing, advertising, sales and management. She has worked in a variety of industries including advertising, retail, staffing and wholesale. She has also volunteered for various non-profit causes throughout her adult life. Julie’s indoor cats are Tigger, Sammy, Rascal, Lucky, Harlow and Ringo (phew!)  She also cares for a colony of stray and feral cats that live in her neighborhood (and, as a result, ends up feeding squirrels, possums, groundhogs, raccoons and even a skunk!)


JENNIFER THOMAS (Team: Social Media)
Jennifer ThomasJennifer has lived in Portland, OR most of her life and is currently looking for her dream job.  Jennifer is a huge animal lover and has a 17 year old cat Sabrina who was diagnosed with Kidney Disease in 2013.  She has had Sabrina since she was a kitten and Sabrina is very loving and attentive and is being very brave with her treatment. She is cherishing every moment of her limited time with her. Jennifer enjoys showing off Sabrina on periscope where Sabrina has a lot of fans – @TheJennT.


MARY VOGT (Team: Web Design)
Mary is a web developer and designer who has been educated at DePaul and UCLA. She is dedicated to dog fostering and rescue, having participated passionately in both for over 12 years. She lives in Los Angeles, crowded happily with her beloved rescued dogs, Phoebe, Buttercup, Minnie and Nicky.