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The Pet Matchmaker has created a number of How To Pamphlets. These are great tools for pet parents. Our how t0 pamphlets provide information and guidance to help you care for your pets. There’s information and guidelines for general care. And there are how to pamphlets designed for special circumstances, as well as emergencies.

At The Pet Matchmaker, we want you to be prepared!

You can view the pamphlets by downloading the PDF files. Save them on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Or go old-school and print them  out to have them on hand.  Whether you save them digitally or in real space, t’s a good idea to keep them all in a designated place so it’s easy to find them when you need them. (We’ve made them very attractive, so perhaps the fridge is a good place for these how to pamphlets?)

Another good tip is to be sure that everyone in your household has a chance to review these. When it comes to the safety of your pets, it’s important that everybody be on the same page. If you make a plan, be sure that all members of your household know what that plan is!

Contact information is also important for pet-sitters, dog-walkers, even neighbors. You never know when your pet might need the help of the other people in her life.

And be sure to share these how to pamphlets with your pet parent friends.  The more we all know – the better off Fido, FiFi and Finnegan will be.

TPM Guides for Pet Care

Click here to download .pdf  [...]
Click here to download .pdf[...]

TPM Forms for Pet Parents

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